Fabric Care Guide

Clothes should be made to last; Take good care of clothing;

While we prefer to use natural fibres, man-made fibres have evolved with technology. We like to educate our customers though we made not use some of the fibres listed below. 

Type of fabric

How to wash

How to dry

How to iron


Not all linen can be washed by machine or hand ; some has to be dry cleaned. If the fabric care label says washable use cold water only.Hand washing softens linen. Shrinkage is common.

Tumble dry may cause wrinkles

Iron when damp to get rid of wrinkles/ cotton or linen settings. Use steam with medium or high heat


Machine wash cold/ warm / hot; some shrinkage expected

Tumble dry low; take more time to dry

High heat settings ok


Machine wash in cold water. Use fabric softener in the final rinse.

Tumble dry in low heat settings

Iron in nylon/ low heatsettings


Machine wash in w warm water; heat damages

Tumble dry in low heat settings

Iron in nylon/ low or medium heat settings

Spandex / Lycra

Hand wash Preferred in cold water; can also be Machine washed; Do not use chlorine bleach

Drip drying preferred without wringing; can be machine dried in low temperature.

Iron in nylon/ low heat settings

Wool, Mohair, Cashmere, Camel, Alpaca

Brush surface to remove dirt; wash by hand or dry cleaning

Drip dry or hang dry

Use steam and medium heat settings


Hand wash or dry clean

Do not tumble dry; line dry

Iron in nylon/ low heatsettings; Iron inside-out


Hand wash or Machine wash

Do not tumble dry; Hang to dry

Iron in nylon/ low heatsettings


Dryclean preferred ; you can hand wash the fabric ; Do not wring or use bleach

Do not tumble dry ; hang to dry

Iron in low settings from the back of the fabric ie inside-out on low heat

Beaded / sequin fabric

Hand wash as machine wash can remove glue of sequins or break the delicate chain stitch

Do not tumble dry - lay flat to dry

Iron in low heat settings from the back


Dry clean recommended for most clothing;Some may be hand washed. Never wring or twist to remove water.

Air dry

Iron in low heat settings 


Machine wash using warm water

Machine dry in low heat setting only

Iron in low heat settings