Beachwear Workshop

Beachwear Workshop - Learn to make beachwear with hands on lessons.



Workshop Lessons 

- swimwear history, fabrics and measurements.

- understanding the beachwear patterns.

- understanding construction methods.

- cut swimwear fabric using beachwear patterns.

- construct beachwear.

- fit beachwear on dress form.


Core Objectives

At the end of the lessons, participants will:

- be exposed to swimwear history

- be exposed to beachwear fabrics

- be exposed to beachwear pattern

- be exposed to construction methods

- be able to complete beachwear to international standards.

Time and Duration

Lessons are delivered on Saturdays 12:30pm to 3:30pm for 3 Saturdays. 

9 hours divided into 3 Saturdays.

All materials provided.

- Direct hands on 

- The final product is yours to keep. 

- Limited persons per workshop


Investment Cost - Special Price

Option 1: Cut and Sew Beachwear - $12500JMD

  • Learn to cut & sew swimwear 

Option 2: Draft Pattern, Cut and Sew Beachwear - $17500JMD

  • Learn to Draft Patterns
  • Cut & Sew swimwear 
  • 3 additional hours

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 Registration $2500JMD 


In our Atelier in Kingston 10, Jamaica.